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We have been flooded by emails and questions about what is going on with our company. So we thought we would set the record straight and post links to all articles related to the the case and let people make up their own mind. We would like to share with the world what is going on and help people understand the matter from Name Intelligence, Inc point of view. We will not be allowed to share information unless it is public. Likewise, false allegation or pure lies will be responded to legally first. We are deeply sorry we can't just respond to false statements but this has to be done legally. Once the documents are in the public domain with our answers will post them or quote them. All information found on this website is already in the public domain.

Jay Westerdal Lawsuit

 May 2nd 2008  Deal is signed for TCI to buy NI, first payment is made for $6M. 
 December 12th 2008  TCI holds a meeting with NI to discuss second payment and the state of the world
 December 2? 2008 TCI lays off  employees
 Feb 15 2009 TCI lays off more employees
 April 24th 2009  Both parties enter mediation
 April 25th 2009  Judge decides NI should get company back and keep first years payment.
 April 27th 2009  TCI rejects judge's solution. NI accepts Judge's solution.
 April 30th 2009  TCI files a lawsuit against all shareholders of NI. But never serves it.
 May 2nd 2009  TCI goes into breach for defaulting on second payment of $5,500,000.
 May 4th 2009  Letter is sent to TCI requesting cure of breach and for payment to be made.
 May 8th 2009  TCI pays $4,000,000 with no explanation of why $1.5M was withheld.
 May 12th 2009  Name Intelligence notifies TCI's bank they are still in default and need to pay $1.5M or legal action will result.
 May 13h 2009  TCI terminates Jay Westerdal.
 May 13th 2009  TCI serves Jay with a lawsuit that was filed with the court April 30th, 2009. TCI names all shareholders but not NI, Inc.
 May 18th 2009  NI claims that if TCI doesn't pay the remaining $1.5M then TCI will still be in breach.
 May ??th 2009 NI informs TCI they must name and serve NI or we will move to have the case dismissed.
 May 26th 2009  TCI pays the remaining $1.5M
 May 27th 2009 TCI amends complaint to Name Intelligence as well. (TCI is now on the hook to pay all legal fees when they lose, sec 7.12).
 May 2009 - Jan 2010 Name Intelligence adds several counter claims!
 January 6th 2010 First Mediation - "case did not settle". The case goes forward!
 March 10th 2010 Second Mediation - The official statement both parties have agreed upon to share is, "TCI and Name Intelligence have amicably resolved their differences and have agreed to withdraw and dismiss their claims in litigation with prejudice with neither side admitting liability". A public court documents say, "Parties are currently in the process of finalizing payment and performance under the settlement agreement".
 April 2010 Party in Vegas!
 May 2nd 2010 TCI owes NI another $5,000,000 payment.

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